actor . performer

actor . dancer . performer showreel pietro quadrino

2020 – 2023

the fluid force of love by troubleyn / jan fabre

the scarlett letter by angelica liddel

sogno by i nuovi scalzi

remnants text by jan fabre . performance pietro quadrino

una tribù, ecco quel che sono text by jan fabre . performance pietro quadrino

2016 – 2019

mountolympus 24h by troubleyn / jan fabre UBU PRICE : BEST FOREIGN SHOW

savana padana by stefano scandaletti / teatro stabile veneto

our daily performance by chico / matjevic

giulio cesare by shakespeare – teatro stabile veneto / alex rigola

belgian rules / belgium rules by troubleyn / jan fabre

2012 -2016

the power of theatrical madness by troubleyn / jan fabre

this is theater like it was to be expected and foreseen by troubleyn / jan fabre

gli innamorati immaginari by teatro di roma / petrillo